Welcome to the Pystall Docs

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Pystall is a utility to help download & install resources on your system. Unlike regular configuration utilities pystall is designed to be run-and-done without leaving any daemons or obscure monitoring services running on your machine.

If you just want to dive in check out the quick-start for the basic usage and installation details.


What is Pystall?

Pystall is:

  • A system to write single scripts to setup environments across platforms
  • A relatively boilerplate-free method of writing system configurations
  • A way to create easy to distribute binaries to handle complicated installations.
  • Meant for end-users looking for a simple syntax to create scripts

Pystall is not:

  • A server management utility
  • An infrastructure management utility
  • An orchestration replacement (ansible, jenkins, puppet, chef etc.)
  • Meant for consistent (in terms of frequency) updating to existing packages (though i'm not opposed to this in the future necessarily)
  • An ABSOLUTELY automated system, due to the amount of tradeoffs of extensibility I have opted to leave installers to be configured as they run (i.e. running the python installer exe still requires you to do the configuration).